• We all know how unpredictable Melbourne weather can be, so if you’re planning a day that requires plenty of sunshine, it’s not a bad idea to have an umbrella with you.

    The Virtual CFO experience at Peterson Group allows for expert guidance and financial leadership 24/7. Especially useful when the weather looks as though it’s about to turn.

    Virtual CFO

    Outsource your CFO function? A Peterson Virtual CFO can take a business further than you ever imagined.

Behind every successful business there is great financial leadership and management. Chief Financial Officers have the skills and knowledge to take a business further than ever imagined. The challenge for any small or medium sized business wanting to grow is to have in place a strategic plan to help achieve their desired goals. This is where a virtual CFO excels.

At Peterson Group, we recognise the need for businesses of all sizes to have the guidance and leadership that a CFO can deliver. We can be your very own outsourced business CFO providing a tailored, expert accounting and corporate governance service at a fraction of the cost.

A virtual CFO can:

  • Improve the success and value of your business
  • Mentor through our coaching sessions
  • Provide relevant financial information
  • Offer financial and cash flow expertise
  • Reduce accounting staff issues
  • Minimise the risk of property investment
  • Simplify finance strategies
  • Streamline business relationships with

Our virtual CFO’s are keen to apply their extensive commercial experience to help your business reach the next level. Talk to us today.

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