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    At Peterson Group, we’re experts at unravelling the complexities that exist in today’s business environment and offer clear and concise advise on how to better improve business performance through a variety of cost effective avenues.

    Business Consulting

    Today, more than ever, business needs a multi faceted approach to reach its full potential.

    Tax? Investment?
    Brand recognition?

Peterson Group can advise your business in ways to improve its performance through its future direction, its structure and day to day procedures.

We look at the past performance of your business and prepare a detailed review of the current business situation, its strengths and weaknesses and the existing structure.

Tax Minimisation

Ultimately the aim of any tax plan is to minimise tax paid. We look at your financial history, the current financial health of your business and your future plans and goals. Together with you, we formulate a tailored tax plan that delivers on two fronts – it achieves your personal goals and also satisfies the tax requirements of your business.


Peterson Group can arrange for a certified business valuation to estimate the economic value of an owner’s interest in a business.

Succession Planning

We provide assistance in identifying your needs in the future of the business and developing internal and/or external talent to take the business forward.

Selling Your Business

By providing third-party assistance in negotiation and appropriate due diligence data about your business, we can you put you in the best position to achieve the maximum benefit from the sale of your business to fund your next investment or your future lifestyle.

Profit Improvement

At Peterson Group we know what makes business really tick – Profit Improvement – it’s our speciality and we take great pride in our knowledge of how private businesses run and the challenges and pressures that face the owners.

Business Growth

To help grow your business, Peterson Group looks at the whole of the operation and then focuses on budgeting, cash flow and improving the overall profit in order to develop a strategy for growth.

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