Surround Yourself With A Good Network

Have you ever seen a young footballer and thought he had potential? Have you seen this same player 2 years down the track and wondered how he became such a good player? How he just crept up on you? Apart from the obvious combination of reasons like training hard, looking after himself and talent, there is another ingredient to success we all need. Another thing that will help us progress and keep us on track with our goals.

When I look at how I have succeeded in business and continue to succeed, the one thing that accelerates my success and keeps me on track even when I am not feeling great is the same as what helps a young player develop and live up to his potential.


Like most people I have a select few very close friends amongst a larger network of friends, and it’s no surprise that all my close friends are business owners and successful in their own right. But just like me, they have all used their circle of friends to improve their businesses. They all share common goals and converse regularly on how they can improve. Just like the young professional footballer, the fact that he spends every day with successful footballers helps him become better. He trains with a higher intensity, pushes himself every day, learns new skills and most importantly listens and watches the experienced professionals. He develops winning habits and a winners mentality, he fails but most importantly knows how to deal with failure so it doesn’t happen again.

In business it’s the same, you can do it alone, or surround yourself with others that are on their own journey to success. You can keep everything to yourself and try and solve everything alone, or use a network of friends and advisers that will help you get the most out of your business. I have devoted my career to building a business that focuses on supporting, advising and improving small businesses every day. I have helped many people change their lives by being the support they need and giving them valuable advise. It’s something that my team and I love to do. In fact, we invite anyone to come in and see us and we would be happy to help.

Nicolas Kyriopoulos

Peterson Group

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