Play the way you train

I have the pleasure of watching my 7 year old son play Futsal three times a week. Even though he has played football (soccer) for the last two years, I decided that if he was going to enjoy it, he would have to commit more time to it and of course I would have to as well. I explained to him that he should train hard and concentrate every time. I told Pedro “You play the way you train, so if you want to play your best, you must train at your best”

From a casual training/clinic on Saturday for 5 months a year, he now trains twice a week and competes once a week for most of the year. The results have been amazing, thanks to the coaching and approach of Futsal Oz and the consistency of training and competing, my son has improved dramatically. Which brings me to my point, we all have team members in our businesses, and they all have strengths and weaknesses, but if we leave our team members to continue with their jobs day in day out, how do we expect them to improve and how do we expect the business to improve.


We must look at change all the time and look at up skilling our people. If we don’t the business will operate now as it did 5 years ago, and as I mentioned in my previous blog, we might as well go back to fax machines and typewriters. We must invest time and effort in training our people, challenging them mentally and creatively, by doing so reaping the rewards.

By taking the approach of a sporting club, we can invest a certain amount of time to our people so they can learn new skills and new efficiencies. It only takes an hour or two a week to dramatically improve a persons skills. The team members will be happier, more grateful for their jobs and your business will improve week in week out.

Just like I said to Pedro, you play the way you train, so wouldn’t it make sense to train people in your organisation so that they can implement their new skills to their jobs? But don’t take my word for it, ask them and you will see that just after job satisfaction, training is the thing that people want most in their jobs. Because training is your way of investing in your most important asset, your people.

Nicolas Kyriopoulos
Peterson Group

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