The Numbers Might Not Show It Yet…But The Results Will Come!

Last week I spoke about my son Pedro and his improvements at Futsal, this week I would like to talk about how his team is performing. You see, sometimes the numbers don’t reflect the changes you have made in your business but there are always non-financial KPI’s that you can use in order to see if you are going in the right direction.

Pedro’s team is currently sitting bottom of the table, they are usually defeated by big margins (7-0) and hardly ever score a goal. To anyone who asks or looks at the ladder and results, they’re not very successful, but since I have the benefit of watching all of his games and training sessions, I can understand that there are improvements every week even though it is not reflected in the numbers.

You see I always tell Pedro to play and train as hard as he can and give it his all, because I know that eventually things will start clicking. The team will get better, they will start scoring more goals, some players will stop playing and others will join the team.

It’s the same in business, sometimes we don’t see immediate results of all our good work, but that should not discourage us. We must keep going, must not give up and must stick to our plan. If we keep doing the right things and keep trying to improve, one day we will notice a result in the numbers that quantifies our hard work.


Take a more public example like the Socceroos who are playing their third straight World Cup right now. The team has lost its first two games and was considered to be the guaranteed easy beats of their group. If you were one of the many Australians who woke up and heard about the results, you would probably think that we have not been great at this tournament, but if you were one of the lucky ones to wake up in the middle of the night to watch our boys, you would realise that the result does not matter as much as the performance.

The scores do not show the spirit and tenacity of our players, the table does not show the courage and endeavor by our manager, but in watching the games, you know that the hard work being put in by Ange Postecoglou and our players will pay huge dividends in tournaments to come. They are doing all the right things from the selection of players by the coach, the way they are coached, their attitudes and the way they play. They are not getting the results they have deserved yet, but they are not far away.

So just like our Socceroos who are doing us proud in Brazil, you must do all the right things consistently and you too will see the results you deserve. Who knows, we might even win a World Cup someday and maybe you will too!

Nicolas Kyriopoulos

Peterson Group

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