• Various reasons exist as to why writers at some point suffer the dreaded writers block, an inability to incubate ideas? Perhaps a lack of motivation? or simply the fear of taking a risk is the culprit?

    At Peterson Group, you can rest assured that we have many ideas for improving our client’s financial position while our highly motivated team are entrusted in overseeing that each client’s statutory corporate, accounting and taxation obligations are being taken care of with the minimum of risk.

    Business Essentials

    Ultimately, the aim of any accounting firm is to deliver successful financial outcomes for its clients.

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  • As unique as the electifing colour schemes of the Brighton Bathing boxes, Peterson Group can design unique strategies for small to large business in ways to improve their performance whether it may be its future direction, its corporate structure, its day to day procedures as well as its eventual sale and succession planning.

    Wealth Creation

    Building a healthy retirement fund is essential to the long term financial strategy of our clients.

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  • A yellow cab. Is there a more profound colour that symbolises the carriage of a bustling city? At Peterson Group, we believe that for a business to grow and develop successfully, it is essential it takes the time out to step back and work with an experienced driver to re-assess priorities, identify non performing paths and plan strategies for the successful navigation of the world we live in today.

    Finance & Business Restructuring

    We understand the marketplace and the critical factors at play.

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  • Melbourne’s Webb bridge. As an object, it appears dynamic and transitional as it weaves itself into the abstract interpretation of ancient Aboriginal
    fishing baskets.

    At Peterson Group, we’re experts at unravelling the complexities that exist in today’s business environment and offer clear and concise advise on how to better improve business performance through a variety of cost effective avenues.

    Business Consulting

    Today, more than ever, business needs a multi faceted approach to reach its full potential.

    Tax? Investment?
    Brand recognition?

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  • In a short period of time, Melbourne Central, with its' iconic shot tower has become the go-to destination for fashion, eating and entertainment.

    In that same period of time, Peterson Group has forged a reputation for offering a comprehensive range of advisory services to help create, build
    and protect your wealth against increasingly common litigious society.

    Whether it’s a protecting your wealth, minimising your risk tolerance or administering a trust, you can bet that we, like Melbourne Central, are setting new standards of excellence.

    Asset Protection

    At Peterson Group, we look at ways to protect your wealth and keep your prized portfolio safe.

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  • The planting of a tree symbolises life, growth, strength and reaching down to the ground and up to the sky. Like a well performing SMSF, it is the care taken in the initial stages that will ultimately determine its continued growth for years to come.

    At Peterson Group, we provide quality advice on structuring Self Managed Super Funds to not only protect your life’s work, but to enjoy when you’re finally at that stage in your life when sitting in the shade of a giant oak tree mid spring is pure bliss.

    Self Managed Super Funds

    A self-managed superannuation fund can offer you the most flexible option for making the most of your retirement.

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  • We all know how unpredictable Melbourne weather can be, so if you’re planning a day that requires plenty of sunshine, it’s not a bad idea to have an umbrella with you.

    The Virtual CFO experience at Peterson Group allows for expert guidance and financial leadership 24/7. Especially useful when the weather looks as though it’s about to turn.

    Virtual CFO

    Outsource your CFO function? A Peterson Virtual CFO can take a business further than you ever imagined.

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  • Lots of people pop up to predict what’s going to happen next. Sometimes they mean well. Mostly they’re boneheads looking for publicity. Unfortunately, unless physics is completely wrong and time travel is possible, they’re all engaged in an activity we usually call
    'guess work'.

    Predictions of booms & bust at times seem hard to ignore, especially when it comes to investing in property. At Peterson Group, we pride ourselves at making this process as uncomplicated and easy to understand as possible by cutting through the red tape and creating an investment strategy that will not only continue to perform long into the future, but one that fits your lifestyle as well.

    Property Professionals

    If you could travel back in time, what would you change? Most of us would say we should have bought that property down the road.

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  • Most times, things just work better when we stick together. How difficult would it be to score if each ‘player’ on the foosball table spun independently? Impossible! Great teams achieve success by performing as one while following the plan set out by their coach.

    Having a Peterson Group coach means your business schedule is customised specifically for you. Your coach will assess your strengths and weaknesses, take into account current successes and past failings and devise a plan accordingly.

    And in the event that you do start ‘spinning’ out of sync, you'll always know that the motivation and encouragement to get back on track is a phone call away.

    Business Coaching

    The ideal partnership for the business owner who thrives on being motivated and challenged.

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Who We Are

At Peterson Group we look at your business in a way that is very different from most other accounting firms. We take a holistic approach to your business and the economic, legal and financial environment which directly effects it.

It is our ability to understand and draw together the external factors that effect your business that makes Peterson Group a leader in financial services – and delivers successful financial outcomes for our clients.

For Peterson clients it means you are receiving ‘big-picture’ financial advice from client advisors who insist on considering the whole of your business or your personal finances, not just part of it. We use this accumulated knowledge to keep you at the forefront of change and advise you how to be best positioned for the future.

To be successful in business today and reach your personal financial goals, you need more than just an accountant to balance the books – you need professional independent financial and business guidance from a total business success centre.

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